Where to buy organic garden soil?

Results 1 — 24 of 224 · Get free shipping on qualified organic soil products or shop online and pick up in-store today at the Foreign Department. Organic soil means it's safe and garden-ready organic matter. Not all floors are the same. Make sure you get fully decomposed organic matter in humus compost that is free of contaminants, large mulch-like chunks, or other materials that are not fully composted.

Tank's Green Stuff is a local Tucson-based company committed to building a sustainable community focused on building local industries and a green economy. This includes accepting the delivery of organic waste, educating local citizens, and creating value-added products from materials that were once considered waste and went to landfill. Their products are suitable for organic gardening, large-scale soil restoration, water conservation and animal bedding. Tank's Green Stuff combines its locally-sourced compost with Prococo's CocoPeat and CocoChips to provide growing media for diverse plantations and environments.

ARBICO Organics is proud to carry Tank's 100% organic compost, %26 cactus succulent mix and potting mix. Non-Scale Imaging Bactifeed is a soil biological system that is certified to USDA organic standards. Cassava NPK RAW surfactant is an OMRI-listed organic product that is used as a wetting agent to improve water retention capacity and moisture. Because Soil3 is free of chemical ingredients and is completely composted in humus, it is a safe organic soil, a.

this blend of OMRI certified organic compost, decomposed pine, horticultural perlite, organic CocoChip Prococo, fine composted mulch for containers or.

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