Are all plants suitable for hydroponics?

Most plants grow well in hydroponic applications, although some are more difficult than others. Some plants, such as varieties that produce bulbs, are more suitable for soilless media than for, for example, deep-water cultivation. However, almost every plant that grows from seed excels in a hydroponic garden. Almost any plant can be grown hydroponically.

Leafy greens and herbs are the best because they are versatile and easier to grow. However, some plants, such as trees with deep roots, root crops, or plants that bear large fruits, are more difficult to grow hydroponically because of the space and support needed. It's possible to grow all kinds of plants hydroponically, but once you get to some types of plants, it's not feasible. Your level of experience with gardening and your specific reasons for engaging in hydroponics will also influence the choice of plants you want to grow.

If you don't already have a hydroponic setup, considering what type of plants you want to grow can help you determine what type of system you choose. Hydroponics is a controlled process in which every factor is controlled with such precision to ensure optimal plant growth and development. If you only have a small space to dedicate to your garden, it's best to avoid squash, melons, and other large plants. They are plants that grow quickly, can be harvested continuously and don't need a lot of space to expand or develop fruit.

Keeping in mind that every plant in your garden will survive on the same nutrient solution, it's imperative to test it regularly. This type of setup works best with fast-growing plants and shallow roots, such as lettuce, spinach, radishes, and herbs. Below is a list of some easy-to-grow edible plants (infographic included) that work great with hydroponics. When growing lettuce, you can learn a lot about how your plants' root systems work without much effort.

Your plants are particularly susceptible to changing levels, so certain fruits and vegetables have different pH requirements. You can work around that general principle to implement and refine hydroponic cultivation techniques and adapt them to different types of plants. Experienced hydroponic gardeners may have adequate knowledge of hydroponic systems and the type of plants they are going to grow.

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