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are some of the most loved and popular flowering indoor plants. We carry Phalaenopsis orchids, commonly called moth orchids, and award-winning orchids that include Brassavola, Cattleya, and Laelia hybrids. Cattleya orchids are known for their spectacular flowers.

Unbeatable style and elegant posture characterize these unique orchid plants. Only in the Plantshed collection will you find a variety of different orchids available for delivery in New York and across the country. The classic and beloved phalaenopsis is the best gift that fits any occasion. White and minimalist with spectacular flowers and shiny leaves, the moth orchid can be sent as a gift to a friend, co-worker in the office, family member or loved one.

Phalaenopsis orchids are easy to care for and make excellent indoor plants. In a suitable decorative container, such as a ceramic pot or a shiny glass container, choose between single, double or triple stemmed orchids, with lots of flowers and even more buds ready to bloom. Our collection is one of the best in New York and our prices are among the best you'll find. In this category you can find Phalaenopsis, dendrobium, mokara, women's slippers, mini orchids and many other different types of spectacular orchid plants.

Plants are combined with incredible containers that create a minimal or extravagant look. Orchids make great professional gifts, for your colleagues in the office, your supervisor, or your valued associates.

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