Do orchid flowers have fragrance?

In addition to their beauty, some orchids give off a wonderful fragrance. Its scent can leave a greater impression than the orchid itself. Its fragrance aims to attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds and flies. Each orchid species has its own strategy for attracting pollinators.

Some fragrances are mild, while others are intoxicating. There are many factors that affect fragrance. Orchids tend to be more fragrant on sunny days than on shady days, when volatile oils heat up and diffuse. Fragrances tend to stay longer in areas of high humidity.

Places where there is still air tend to trap fragrances, while odors dissipate in places with a breeze. However, floral scents have not evolved for the entertainment of humans. Its sole purpose is to attract a pollinator to the flower. Many fragrant orchids release their scents only during certain hours of the day or night to attract specific pollinators.

Some phalaenopsis hybrids have inherited the fragrance from their parents and one very popular one that is sometimes found is Phalaenopsis Orchid World. There have also been times when I have enjoyed the floral scent of a flower when another person close to me could not detect fragrances in the same flower. Most have white, cream or pale greenish starry flowers with a striking nectar spur at the base of the lip. Oncidium ornithorrhychium, with a tongue twister name, is an easy-to-grow dwarf orchid that has a sweet and complex aroma that has been variously described as vanilla, baby powder, grape, spicy, cinnamon or cocoa.

Remember that not all orchids are fragrant, so stick your nose in them before buying them (not literally, otherwise you will damage the flower). Most bouquet buyers and recipients will probably tell you that while orchids are commonly considered to be the most exotic flowers and chosen for that application, they are unfortunately not fragrant. BULBOPHYLLUMS Fortunately, most seem to agree on which flowers smell good and which don't, and most agree that some of the species belonging to the great orchid amalgam of the diverse genus Bulbophyllum offer some of the least pleasant orchid scents. These real stinkers of the orchid clan have evolved to be pollinated by flies, which, to no one's surprise, are strongly attracted to flowers that smell like feces or rotten flesh.

Whichever method you choose, remember to take time out in your day to smell orchids. This is not to say that every flower of Bulbophyllum has an unpleasant odor, but be careful before sticking your nose into a stranger. Some orchids that may be less known are Bifrenaria harrisoniae from Brazil, which has long-lasting, waxy flowers with a fruity fragrance, and Cochleathes amazonica, which has the very strong scent of candy, roses, daffodils and verbena. Butterflies and hummingbirds tend to gravitate toward bright yellow and red flowers that are full of sweet nectar.

It is no coincidence that perfume houses rely heavily on orchid essences to obtain their best fragrances. Britney Spears FantasyCalvin Klein Euphoria David%26 Victoria Beckham signature for her Dior J'adore Jean-Paul Gaultier Classic Lady Gaga Fame Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Tom Ford Black Orchid Viktor %26 Rolf Flowerbomb. Many of the Brassolaeliocattleya hybrids inherit a pleasant scent from their fragrant blossoming parents.

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