Are heirloom seeds worth it?

First of all, relics are generally known to produce better flavor and flavor. Traditional fruits and vegetables are also known to be more nutritious. Last but not least, they are less costly in the long run. For example, the mallard “Black Watchman” can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson's garden in Monticello (and is mentioned in texts as early as 162.Thanks to gardeners passing on these seeds from generation to generation, this variety of mallard with almost black flowers can still be grown today.

In addition, you have an interesting story to tell anyone who asks about this tall and eye-catching plant in your garden. I would go for Heirloom seeds. They are open pollinated, which means they retain all the qualities of their parents. Hybrid varieties have no value for replanting, so you have to buy them every year.

Saved seeds of hybrids will be sterile or begin to revert to one of the parent varieties. Many gardeners report that heirloom seeds produce crops that taste better than seed crops that are not heirloom varieties. Foods grown from heirloom seeds are also often more nutritious than foods that are not a heirloom variety. Because traditional plants are open pollinated, gardeners can save seeds from their gardens for replanting the following season, confident that the next generation of plants will be true to type.

One of the great advantages of growing traditional vegetables in your garden is that when you save the seeds of these plants, you get plants that are faithful to the mother plant. One of the most important things with Heirloom seeds right now is the possibility of losing those favorite strains. In the 90s, there were pubs that indicated that the goal of GM seeds was to create a self-pollinating and finishing seed. The heirloom label does not guarantee that the plants are organic or that no chemicals have been used in the cultivation process, but it is likely that heirloom seeds, even without the organic label, are chemical-free.

One of the biggest advantages of saving seeds is that your plants will acclimate to the local climate and growing conditions and will be more resistant than seeds grown elsewhere. I have been growing them for a couple of years and am very pleased to have contacted Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Before buying seeds to grow in your own garden, it's important to learn all about the different types of seeds you have available and what makes each of them unique. But over the years, I've done my research and started to have a healthy respect for heirloom plants and seeds.

Monsanto swallowed up the seed company Seminis and sells non-GMO seeds through regular catalogs like Burpee, etc. That means gardeners who plant heirloom seeds receive a steady supply of ripe fruits and vegetables instead of having a huge harvest that gives them more than they can eat. at the same time. Traditional fruits and vegetables are known to taste better than non-heirloom varieties.

The independent-minded gardener may not care if a plant has existed for a century, but he often cares that the plant reproduces true to type and that by saving seeds one can plan a sustainable garden from year to year, regardless of the nation's transportation infrastructure and commercial sources of seeds. I have found that relics taste better, and since I have difficulty being close to many man-made products, I have purchased the seeds I could find to grow myself. There are many sources of heirloom seeds, and almost all of them offer heirloom seeds for LESS or the same price as hybrids. .

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